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DHS Publishes Final Appendix A in Federal Register

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published its final "Chemicals of Interest" list or Appendix A in the Federal Register on November 20. The 60-day compliance countdown for propane marketers is now ticking down. Propane marketers must register with DHS by January 19, 2008.

NPGA has prepared a Member's Brief to aid compliance. This helpful publication includes step-by-step directions for completing the Top Screen on the DHS website. The publication is available to NPGA members only. Members can access the document by clicking "Publications" on the menu to the left. The PDF document can be found under "Member's Brief" in the Publications section.

Compliance information is available on the DHS website by clicking here.

DHS increased the Screening Threshold Quantity (STQ) for propane to 60,000 pounds (14,285 gallons) from 7,500 pounds (1,785 gallons). Unfortunately, this threshold level does not even exempt a full 18,000 gallon water capacity tank. A facility with quantities of propane that exceed the threshold would have to conduct an initial screening assessment, allowing DHS to make a preliminary security risk determination.

NPGA remains concerned that the final regulations will reduce safety and unnecessarily strain the delivery infrastructure. Customers are likely to demand additional deliveries of smaller quantities in order to stay below the regulatory threshold, and/or insist that changes be made to their systems to keep them unregulated. Click here to download a Special Edition of NPGA Reports.

Compliance information is available on the DHS website by clicking here.

Download the Final Rule, Appendix A (PDF, 41 pages - 2.12 MB) here!

Download the Appendix A: Chemicals of Interest List (PDF, 16 pages - 2 MB) here!


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