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The HM-208C Bobtail Tax

HM-208C Bobtail Tax HM-208C requires companies that offer or ship a single placarded load of propane during a year to submit a registration statement and pay a fee.Submissions are June 30 of each year for the upcoming year. Each registration year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year. Each person subject to this regulation must submit a complete and accurate statement on DOT Form F 5800.2 (http://hazmat.dot.gov/pubs/registration/0607/ regbrch2006.pdf) by the required date.NPGA has consistently opposed this fee as burdensome and unnecessary and which penalizes industries like ours that have invested substantive resources in developing industry-specific safety and training information for emergency responders, consumers, and industry personnel.NPGA participated in a lawsuit filed in June 2002 which resulted in RSPA publishing an amended final rule in January 2003 reducing the bobtail tax. The lawsuit sought to force a reduction in the fees collected by RSPA so that the huge unexpended balance in the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grants Fund would be reduced.For more information, contact Philip A. Squair, NPGA Vice-President, Regulatory & Technical Services, psquair@npga.org or 202-466-7200.

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